Gunther Breaux


Gunther Breaux has taught English conversation to Korean university freshmen for 23 years. He’s the author of several EFL textbooks, and has presented at international conferences in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, England and the U.S. His original thought and contribution to English Education is Conversation-Based Learning.


Teacher and Professional Development Conversation-Based Learning: We Use Partners, Not Grammar more

Sun, Nov 14, 12:05-12:30 Asia/Tokyo

Grammar-based learning tries to prevent 10,000 mistakes and then measures ability by how many mistakes you make. It’s like the diet industry: it seems logical that it would work, but the success rate is 2%. Conversation-based learning is all conversations and conversation tests, and students find and fix their own mistakes. In short, students write what they will say, talk about what they wrote, transcribe what they said, and fix their own mistakes.

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