Marshall Higa


My interests include intercultural communication, computer-assisted language learning, active-learning and English for specific purposes. I have the experience of having taught at the nursery, elementary, junior high, senior high, college and university levels. My current research focuses on vocabulary acquisition and reading software development. I also currently serve as one of the Hiroshima University Judo Club coaches and a research fellow in the Hiroshima University Institute for Sport Sciences.


Technology A Tutorial to Make Your Online Classes Look Like a YouTube Video more

Fri, Nov 12, 15:30-16:15 Asia/Tokyo

In this workshop, participants will receive a hands-on explanation of how to produce high-quality video lectures as well as livestreams for platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Aimed towards beginners, the contents of this workshop will cover necessary information about equipment and software so that participants will have the basic knowledge needed to begin producing content that can rival professional YouTube filmmakers. Though all of this information is already freely available online, the presenter will use his experience as an English teacher to focus on information that is most relevant to EFL teachers.

Marshall Higa

Learner Development Using Eye-Tracking Equipment to Improve Test-Taking Strategies of the TOEIC more

Sun, Nov 14, 18:40-19:05 Asia/Tokyo

Eye-tracking equipment for second language acquisition purposes is an underused tool. This is due in part to budget constraints and a lack of affordable devices on the market. This study examines whether low-cost, self-fabricated equipment can be used to assist students in their study of the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) by allowing students the opportunity to visually observe their recorded eye-movements after taking a TOEIC practice examination.

Marshall Higa