Trent Abbott


Trent Abbott studied Global Studies with a focus in East Asian language and culture at Ohio University. Through his involvement with the local Japanese Society club, Trent’s interests specifically shifted to Japan; so he decided to get his TEFL certificate and made the journey to the land of the rising sun. He started working as an ALT in Nagano prefecture from 2013, and currently works at Hara village’s elementary school and part-time at the Hara kindergarten school. He also has experience teaching English conversation classes to Junior and Senior high school students, as well as adult learners. He currently works as the Japanese Language Coordinator for the Nagano Chapter of JALT.


Teaching Younger Learners A Collaborative Approach to Teaching Elementary English more

Sat, Nov 13, 18:40-19:05 Asia/Tokyo

With the recent change of English as a primary subject in elementary schools, Japanese homeroom teachers have faced difficulties. This presentation will describe the teaching circumstances between a Japanese English teacher and an assistant language teacher. With two experienced teachers who understand the curriculum goals, lesson planning and delivery appear to be more efficient than with a homeroom teacher. Compared to class feedback from another school, students overall enjoyed classes and learnt more English.

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