Fiona Wall Minami


2021 British Council ELTons finalist for Innovation in Learner Resources. Author of Escape the Classroom and In the Driver's Seat.


Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy Escape the Classroom: Compete, Cooperate, Communicate With Escape Rooms more

Sat, Nov 13, 12:05-13:05 Asia/Tokyo

The presenter, an escape room creator and writer, will introduce the concept of escape rooms and how they can effectively be used in the classroom. Participants will receive tips on how to add cooperative and competitive elements to quizzes and communication activities along with suggestions for creating immersive puzzles and challenges to engage students. Additionally, the presenter will share how she brought escapism to her university students adapting to English classes on Zoom.

Fiona Wall Minami

Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy Compete, Cooperate, Communicate! Escape Room Activities for the Classroom more

Sun, Nov 14, 16:05-16:30 Asia/Tokyo

In need of some escapism? Turning a classroom, or even a breakout room, into an escape room instantly engages students with fascinating tasks and challenges. Puzzle-based learning gets students communicating and actively participating in class. From simple puzzles to more complex missions, students are immersed in activities that build teamwork, creativity, problem-solving and other real world skills. Fiona is an escape room creator and enthusiast, and author of 2021 ELTon awards finalist Escape the Classroom.

Fiona Wall Minami