Gabriel Misaka

Toyokawa Board of Education


I am born in Brazil and learned English after moving to Canada in high school. I have been teaching students in elementary and junior high school for over ten years. About 4 years ago, I started teaching third-age learners in person, however, I have started learning to teach a group of third-age learners online from this year after Covid-19 affected their ability to join in-person lessons and I moved to Toyokawa city.


Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy Developing Third-Age Learners’ Speaking Skills Based on CLT more

Sun, Nov 14, 19:20-19:45 Asia/Tokyo

This workshop focuses on the use of CLT in a group of Japanese senior citizens, here termed third-age learners. In this workshop, each presenter will relate their experiences in teaching their third-age learner classes. They will explain how the learners differ from younger learners and how they adapted their classroom activities to allow for those differences. They will also demonstrate some activities and explain the results they achieved in their research project.

Satsuki McNeill Gabriel Misaka