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Psychology & Language Learning Measuring and Developing Second Language Self-Efficacy more

When acquiring a new skill, such as using a second language, learners who have high self-efficacy—who believe that they can complete the tasks necessary to achieve growth—are more likely to work hard to advance and overcome obstacles (Bandura, 1977). This poster presentation demonstrates how L2 self-efficacy can be measured, and promoted, in various learning contexts. To demonstrate, the presenter offers a Rasch-validated measurement of L2 English listening self-efficacy to visitors as a model.

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Language Skills An Evaluation of an Extensive Listening Pilot Program more

Very few would question the efficacy of extensive listening in building students’ L2 listening fluency and proficiency. In this poster presentation, the researchers present an extensive listening pilot program and study in which a group of university students listened to graded readers over a semester. The researchers will also present the results of the study and suggestions for alterations to the program and future research.

Rob Kerrigan Eric Shepherd Martin