Daniel O. Jackson


Daniel O. Jackson (PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa) is an associate professor in the English Department and a member of the MA TESOL Program Steering Committee at Kanda University of International Studies. His research interests include task-based language teaching, individual differences, and teacher psychology.


Teacher and Professional Development Ten Practical Suggestions for Using Language Teacher Noticing more

Sun, Nov 14, 18:00-18:25 Asia/Tokyo

Language teacher noticing involves attention, interpretation, and decision making. It is a form of reflection occurring during engagement with learners. This talk aims to encourage dialogue about learning to notice among teachers of varying backgrounds and levels of expertise. Relevant literature will be described and participants will be invited to discuss suggestions concerning how to use noticing to: (1) develop rapport, (2) support acquisition, (3) enhance participation, (4) foster reflection, and (5) guide observation.

Daniel O. Jackson