Mamoru "Bobby" Takahashi

Akita Prefectural University


Mamoru “Bobby” Takahashi is teaching English at the Research and Education Center for Comprehensive Science, Akita Prefectural University. His current areas of interest include Extensive Reading, Creative Writing, Content-based Communicative Instruction, and Computer Assisted Language Learning.


Language Skills ER and English Proficiency: How Many Words Should Students Read? more

Mon, Nov 15, 12:05-12:30 Asia/Tokyo

To estimate the necessary amount of words in reading to push students’ English level into the next stage, data for six years (2014-2019) were analyzed to find the threshold value of words that causes changes in TOEIC Bridge test scores. The result implies that the amount of reading around 500,000 words plays a critical role in advancing to the next language level.

Mamoru "Bobby" Takahashi