Tanya McCarthy

mccarthy.tanyamiranda.7n [AT] kyoto-u.ac.jp


I have been interested in Learner Development for many years. Over the past two years, trying to help learners to cope with the new learning environment required a new approach to teaching and learning. In particular, I was interested in understanding what challenges learners were facing, what accomplishments they were proud of, and how independent-minded they had become as a result of emergency remote learning. Through this inquiry, I hoped to understand more clearly how to adjust future classes for this "new" learner.


Learner Development Emergency Remote Learning: Learner Perceptions and Readiness for Autonomy more

Sun, Nov 14, 10:45-11:10 Asia/Tokyo

This study explored learner perceptions and readiness for autonomy after one year of emergency remote learning. An open-ended survey was administered to 850 first-year undergraduates across eight faculties. Qualitative analysis of learner perspectives highlighted positive and negative impacts of self-directed online learning in areas such as technology, social relationships, affective issues, and self-monitoring strategies. The researchers concluded that autonomy-based educational technology should be widely adopted in higher education contexts and, if possible, pre-university orientation programs.

Tanya McCarthy