J. V. Chen

J.F. Obirin University


Chen is a third-year student in the Global Communication college at Obirin University. She is co-author of Good Waves from Atama-ii Books
. She Speaks Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and English. She hopes to work in educational publishing in the future.


Language Skills A New Series of Graded Readers From Atama-II Books more

Sun, Nov 14, 12:05-13:05 Asia/Tokyo

Presenters discuss the international debut of a new series from Atama-ii Books. The series, aimed at college and university students, features top quality art, highly engaging romance-oriented plots, and an inclusive race/age/gender-neutral second-person perspective. Attendees will receive a free digital book and stand to win one of three complete sets of the Atama-ii Multi-path series (each a 9,350 yen value). The new series is available on Xreading, and coming soon to print.

Marcos Benevides J. V. Chen