Tomohisa Machida

Akita International University


Tomohisa Machida (Ph.D.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is a professor in the Graduate School at Akita International University. By collaborating with local boards of education, he provides in-service teacher training sessions to elementary and junior high school teachers in many prefectures. His research interests include elementary-school English education, language anxiety, and teacher education. His recent publications are "The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners: Young Learners in a Multilingual World" (TESOL Press), and "Blue Sky elementary 5 & 6" (Keirinkan).


Teaching Younger Learners Effects of Self-Assessments in Elementary Schools more

Sat, Nov 13, 13:25-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation will highlight the effects of students’ self-assessments on their English learning in elementary schools. The presenter examined 26 sixth graders’ self-assessment sheets to understand the relationship between students’ self-assessments and their learning progress. By reflecting on their performance toward each lesson goal, students gained confidence in their small accomplishments, which helped them enjoy English lessons. Findings and implications for the application of self-assessment will be discussed.

Tomohisa Machida

Teacher and Professional Development Graduate Student Showcase: Akita International University more

Sat, Nov 13, 14:05-15:45 Asia/Tokyo

This is the graduate student showcase for Akita International University.

David Shimamoto Tomohisa Machida Kosuke Hagihara Tomohiro Asano Iting TSAI Naoko ISHIMARU