Gerry Yokota


Gerry Yokota is Professor Emerita at Osaka University, where she continues to teach in the International College. She also teaches at Kansai University. In her research, she takes a cognitive linguistic approach to the representation of gender in intersections with other aspects of identity in traditional and popular culture, especially in intercultural communication. In her teaching, she focuses on issues of social justice and climate justice.


Teacher and Professional Development Equity in JALT: Sharing Our Vision more

Fri, Nov 12, 17:30-19:00 Asia/Tokyo

The ability to demonstrate one’s familiarity with diversity and equity practices (DEP) is a great asset on the job market. In this workshop, three members of the JALT DEP Committee will share their expertise in three areas of common concern among JALT members: hiring practices, harassment prevention, and accountability, both personal and organizational. After short presentations on these three areas to establish common ground, participants will be invited to join the group of their choice to discuss related issues. We will then regroup at the end, and each group will share the fruits of their discussion.

Gerry Yokota Gregory Paul Glasgow Jackson Koon Yat Lee