Malcolm Swanson

Seinan Jo Gakuin University, Kitakyushu, JAPAN


I teach Presentation Skills and Media Studies at Seinan Jo Gakuin University in Kyushu, Japan. In my "free time" I'm the web editor and designer for JALT Publications, as well as a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator programme.


Technology Designing Your Presentation Media more

Fri, Nov 12, 17:15-18:00 Asia/Tokyo

Whether for presentations or classroom use, most of us just "make" our media, often with little regard to functionality or aesthetics. This workshop will focus on ways to add useful design elements to your Keynote or PowerPoint slides. Putting more thought into how your media looks and behaves will make your presentations more appealing to audiences, easier to understand, efficient to create, and simpler to control. During the workshop, I will demonstrate some techniques I've found useful, and then set a couple of design tasks to complete. Please bring a device with either Keynote or PowerPoint installed.

Malcolm Swanson