Marcos Benevides

J. F. Oberlin University


Marcos Benevides is a teacher, researcher, author, and publisher based in Tokyo. His work as an ELT author and series editor has been internationally recognized many times. He is the recipient of two ELTon Awards for Innovation, three Extensive Reading Foundation Awards for Language Learner Literature, and the ESU Duke of Edinburgh English Book Award. He has published several graded reader series, including the Atama-ii Books Multi-path Series and the upcoming Atama-ii Books Romance series. He is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at J. F. Oberlin University.


Language Classroom Content & Pedagogy Widgets Inc.: A Task-Based Course in Workplace English, 2nd Ed. more

Sat, Nov 13, 12:05-13:05 Asia/Tokyo

Widgets is the first commercial course to successfully apply a principled, “strong” approach to TBLT. It features a task-complexity syllabus, highly contextualized tasks and projects, and an engaging real-world-like simulation. It is flexible enough to use as a general communication course or within international studies, business English, and STEM related departments. It is especially well suited to mixed-ability classes of 12-24 students. Winner of the 2018 ELTon Award for Course Innovation. Presented by the authors.

Marcos Benevides Chris Valvona

Language Skills A New Series of Graded Readers From Atama-II Books more

Sun, Nov 14, 12:05-13:05 Asia/Tokyo

Presenters discuss the international debut of a new series from Atama-ii Books. The series, aimed at college and university students, features top quality art, highly engaging romance-oriented plots, and an inclusive race/age/gender-neutral second-person perspective. Attendees will receive a free digital book and stand to win one of three complete sets of the Atama-ii Multi-path series (each a 9,350 yen value). The new series is available on Xreading, and coming soon to print.

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