JALT2021 How to brand your presentation slides and backgrounds for JALT2021

We've put together some resources for you to use with your slideshow and/or video to help you brand your presentation as a JALT2021 presentation.

Conference Publicity Assistant Emily Choong has created four designs for PowerPoint and Keynote (you can see a thumbnail image of one design below). If you'd like to use one of these title pages in your presentation, choose one to use as-is, or feel free to personalize one to fit your theme. PowerPoint users should download the PowerPoint file to find all four designs in one file. Users of Apple's Keynote software should download the Keynote file.
PV8da0wsAXmvF7pg42B801dA2SaOjUudOi0TamWR.pngpowerpoint-slide-example-thumb.png 55.88 KB

The JALT2021 conference logo (designed by Malcolm Swanson) is also available for download. You could put it in one corner of your slides, or use that to create your own slideshow title page.

How to download:

First, click here to visit the download page. Next, simply hover your mouse over the file, and an icon will appear (see the example image below). Click that icon to download the files.
LTAhEK0X2ksWomrEBK5GOwE8rkHQUJzFsq9lSx4e.pnghow-to-download-3.png 251.29 KB

Please click here to access these resources. If you have any questions, or suggestions for more, please contact Director of PR Bill Pellowe at pr@jalt.org.

Presentation Background Images
Also, if you want background images for your presentations, go here - Google Drive Zoom Background Images.